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Our Mission

Our mission has been to help people be the best versions of themselves throughout the years. As a specialist in skincare, we are dedicated to finding solutions for people of all ages and lifestyles, regardless of their health

conditions or their budget.


You can find confidence in your appearance and your sense of self-esteem with our strong passion for delivering artistic results. Let's take part in a relaxing spa session to experience something incredible.

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Our Specialties

Eyebrow Wax


Flawless Skin

We utilize specific techniques to make treatments fast, thorough and nearly pain free.



Quality Experience

Our quality is unmatched, we make it a priority to educate clients on achieving optimal wax results.



Hydrated Complexion

We utilize advanced esthetic tools to perform facials to give you the most dramatic results. 



Esthetic Essentials

Our products are designed to give you the best esthetic experience while at home.

Relaxing Candles

Covid-19 Guidelines

In order to provide the cleanest and safest experience possible, we ask all guests to follow the following rules when arriving for their appointment. All guests are required to wear a mask until further notice. After entering, immediately wash your hands. There will be no extra guests.


We appreciate your understanding and support. Every change we have administered have all been for your safety and well-being. To keep everyone safe, we ask that all guests please abide by the following procedures.

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday 10:30am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 3pm

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